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   Thank you for joining Muddy Buddys Jeep Wrangler club!  We are looking forward to getting to know you and your family better and enjoying some great times on the trails.  Enclosed in the membership packet that will be mailed to you in the next 14 days you will find a club business card, membership card, a letter with the instructions and password that aloud you to enter the members only section of this website and a club decal that we ask that you place in plain sight on your jeep.  Most members put the decal above the Jeep stamp on the sides of your Jeep. Additional decals can be purchased at club events.  What do you do now that you are an official member of Muddy Buddys?

If you are on Facebook, please send (your club secretary Stacie Horner AKA: Secretary MudBud) a friend request so he can add you to the private members only fb page. Just accept the invite to join the member’s only FB page so you can see all of the trail rides and other activities the club has to offer.

Club events will be posted on the FB members page in the events section, please make sure to check this for the latest on the upcoming events for the club, Events can also be found on the members only page of this website. (just click on the events tab)

Your membership has a lot of great benefits for just $24 per year (cost of annual dues). If you volunteer for Jeep Jam your yearly dues are covered.
We hope you will become an active member in our club and attend as many events as you can.  It's all about having fun and enjoying the outdoors in the greatest off-road vehicle known to man...the JEEP!

Meetings are usually every 1st Friday of each month.  Please see Facebook events or the website for updated info. You can participate in club activities as much or as little as you want. 

Thanks again for joining.  Help us make Muddy Buddys Jeep Wrangler Club the best it can be!

Rob Forsha
Club President

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