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Just as a reminder you need the following items your first time on the trails:

 Full tank when you arrive at the parking lot

 Lunch - We will eat “on the trail”



 Front and Rear tow points (most already have them)

 A tow strap - no metal hooks 20 feet long for 20000lbs minimum

water 2 gallons distilled or equivalent bottled

medication for 24 hours if you have required medication

important papers (toilet paper)

change of clothes and shoes (might be muddy)

jacket and outer weather gear appropriate for the day

closed toe shoes (no crocks or flip flops)

if you have locking lug nuts bring the key

download jeep badge of honor app to phone

 a Great Attitude


We will HELP get your sway bar disconnected if you don’t know how.


There will be a few of us at the entry and we’ll direct you down towards the parking area where we’ll gather for the drivers meeting for questions and help get your Jeep ready.


Please ask questions. We know that this will be the first time off-road for some, so don’t be afraid to ask. Someone may be have the same question but is afraid to ask. Please speak up.


Park might be muddy depending on the weather.  Be prepared for rain and mud! We ride rain or shine.

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